About Us

You’re here because you love comics. Well, so do we! We write about comics of all kinds, from mainstream comics to indie graphic novels to webcomics and everything in between. At Striptease you’ll find news about upcoming graphic novels, features, toy and character reviews, author interviews, fanart and much more. What’s more, we don’t focus on just India or the West – we love comics from all over the world and bringing them to you! Sound interesting?



The Brain:

Sreejita ‘Solo’ Biswas

Writer, photo-taker, procrastinator. She is the quintessential cat lady who isn’t your regular breed of sane.

The Spine:

Karn ‘Sloth’ Kaul

Mostly found playing the electric guitar or video games, Sloth likes hiding behind screens.

The Strokes:

Ojoswi ‘Oz’ Sur

An artist for hire, Oz likes to spend his days going though comic books and antique shops.

And we couldn’t do without: Ananda ‘Po’ Ray, Kushagra ‘Kratos’ Udai, Ragini “Snu” Nag Rao, and Blooperhouse Studios.

And most importantly, Ved ‘Yoda’ Antani who supported us through our bleakest and gave us hope.

If you want to publish on StripTease the Mag or simply share your views, write to us (writetous@stripteasethemag.com)!